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New TSA Laptop Security Checkpoint Policy Begins Saturday

New TSA Rules for Laptops Go Into Effect Tomorrow
If dragging your laptop out of your bag at the airport and throwing it on the conveyor makes you a bit nervous, or waiting for the guy in front of you to fumble around and do the same makes you a bit impatient, then you now have reason to rejoice. You see, all that stress ends tomorrow when the TSA's new laptop scanning policies go into effect.

The new rules are fairly simple: Whatever bag your laptop is in must give the X-Ray scanners an unobstructed view of the device. So, if your bag has an AC adapter, 50 pens of various colors, two in-flight magazines, and a flattened danish all thrown together, you're still going to have to take it out for separate scanning. But, if you have a sleeve-style case, or something that puts all the accessories off to one side, you can just run the bag right through.

There are a wide range of TSA-approved bags. Some simply won't carry your accessories (like a sleeve), and others are designed to hold the laptop in some sort of removable or folding compartment that sits flat on the scanner. We don't expect that many travelers will have these bags at first, but they should become standard fare before the year is out, hopefully cutting down on those atrocious LAX security lines! [Source: USA Today]

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