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Mobile Microwave Turns Your Car Into a Kitchen

We've written about mini-microwaves before, but here's a microwave that's not only mini, it's actually designed to work in your car, so you can heat up pop-tarts or nuke some links while you drive to work (theoretically, at least -- let's hope you do this cooking while parked).

Maplin, a UK electronics retailer (think Radio Shack), is selling a microwave that runs on 12 Volt DC power -- yes, it's meant to be plugged into your car's cigarette lighter, which means you'll be able to heat up your burritos, cold pizza, or even ramen noodles while you careen down the highway at 80-miles-per-hour. Just in case your lighter socket is malfunctioning or you're in need of a little extra juice to nuke that frozen TV dinner, Maplin built in the ability to hook this baby up directly to your car battery. How much will a mobile microwave run you? $180, though it's currently only sold by Maplin, which means you'll pay a hefty overseas shipping premium to get it sent to you Stateside. (Another option for US-in-car-gourmets: the Wave Box portable microwave, which came about about six months ago.)

We've been plugging our Nintendo Game Boys into the cigarette lighter since the early '90s, but we've only recently been noticing appliances originally designed for the home popping up in car-ready forms (Ford Flex's built-in refrigerator, for example, or Chrysler's in-car Wi-Fi router). Check out the gallery below to see some auto innovations (if you want to call them that) that range from said mobile wireless Internet hotspots to in-car refrigerators. [From: Maplin via OhGizmo]

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