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Honda to Offer New Hybrid at Sub-Prius Price

Honda to Unveil Prius Killer
The Paris Motor Show kicks off in October and Honda plans on unveiling what it hopes will be a Prius killer at the event. The as yet unnamed hybrid hatchback is to be priced lower than both the Prius and Honda's own Civic Hybrid, though exactly how much lower remains to be seen.

The new car is expected to be the opening salvo in Honda's move to dominate the hybrid industry. Honda hopes to sell 500,000 hybrid vehicles by 2012 between its Civic Hybrid, a hybrid version of its sub-compact Fit, and the new unnamed vehicle.

Despite the announcement being just around the corner, details are scare on the new model. Rumor has it that the car will be priced under $20,000 and will get at least 60 miles to the gallon, which would make it both significantly cheaper and more efficient than the Prius ($21,500 and 48 MPG). The new hybrid will take some design cues from Honda's forthcoming FCX Clarity (pictured above) and will go on sale early next year. [From: Autoblog and AZ Central]

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