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Drunk Guy Passed Out on Curb Shows Up on Google Street View

Street View Launches Down Under; Drunken Aussies Protest
Google Street View has certainly made a name for itself in the U.S. by catching some interesting situations, such as people braking into houses, a kid wiping out on his bike, and even a marriage proposal. The service has now launched in Australia and, go figure, is already getting itself in trouble down under, this time catching a drunk passed out on the curb after an all-night bender.

The man, who isn't releasing his identity, went on a crazy night out to drown his sorrows over the loss of a friend. He passed out after getting out of a cab and the Googlemobile happened to drive by as he was still sleeping it off. Thankfully, Google is being good about removing such sights from its sites, and has already banished the offending picture from the Aussie Street View. Something tells us it won't be the last. [From: The Daily Mail]

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