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Three in Four Parents Spy on Their Kids With Webcams

Parents Aren't Above Online Snooping
Parents are getting desperate in the battle to stay on-top of their kid's online activities. The preferred method of combat used to be occasionally sitting down at the PC with your child and/or picking up some filtering software, but that just isn't cutting it anymore.

Kids are on social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, even if they're under the 13-year-old age limit. Even worse, many of these kids have gotten into bad habits such as befriending complete strangers, and, according to a recent study by research firm Garlik, one in five even admit to meeting these online-only friends offline. A full two thirds of kids admit to posting personal information such as what school they attend or their home phone number on their profile.

Instead of sitting down with their children and explaining to them how to be safely use such services, parents have reduced themselves to the electronic equivalent of reading their child's diary. According to the Garlik survey, a full three quarters of parents admitted to spying on their children online. Some created fake profiles to keep tabs on their kids, while others actually log in to their child's account when they aren't around.

While it's important that parents understand the potential pitfalls of social networking services, snooping isn't going to get them anywhere. Teaching a child proper behavior and what information is safe to share is the only way to make sure they're safe even when you aren't around to break into their PC. [Source: Telegraph]

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