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30% of US Army to Be Staffed By Robots In 2020

Army Aiming to be One Third Robotic in 12 YearsSure, the failure of shows like 'Robot Wars' to capture the attention of American television viewership has shown that, surprisingly, most Americans just aren't that interested in militant robots. The U.S. Army, however, has some very different inclinations, announcing plans to have 30-percent of its force staffed by robots by 2020, just 12 years from now. That includes vehicles that drive themselves, robot sentries, and even, eventually, bipedal walking cyber-soldiers who as of now exist only

We've reported on many early versions of these future toys, like a little bat-like spy drone and the SWORDS rovers that were deployed in Iraq and then later removed due to supposed "control issues."There was also the time last year when a robotic cannon went crazy and killed nine, something we hope doesn't become a more common-place occurrence with this initiative. [Source: AndhraNews, via Asylum]

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