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Five Reasons Not to Buy the New iPhone

Five Reasons Not to Buy the New iPhone
We're sure that coming up with a list of reasons to buy the new 3G iPhone would be pretty easy (number 1, it's 3G!). Five reasons not too buy it might be a little more difficult, unless, of course, you own one and have experienced the pain first hand that is the second generation of the most hyped gadget ever.

Tech blogger Thomas Hawk has been running around with his 3G iPhone for about a month now and decided it wasn't worth the upgrade. Why not? Because AT&T's 3G network stinks(at least in San Francisco), because the battery life is terrible, and because the data plan is a rip off. Okay, that's only three of the five complaints, but we've got to leave some reason to hit the read link. [Source: Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection]

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