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Mac vs. PC 2


Yes, the rumors are true. Macs, in general, tend to be easier to use than PCs, thanks to built-in video tutorials on new models, consistent look and feel across all applications, and the generally simpler, drag-and-drop-based actions of the Mac operating system (also known as Mac OS X, or Leopard, in its most recent iteration). That said, certain tasks, such as moving your iTunes and iPhoto libraries to an external hard drive, can be downright confusing and you can risk losing your entire music collection if you don't follow the steps just right.

Still, it sure beats the non-stop-barrage of "Error" messages and freeze-ups you get periodically on the average Windows-based machine. To be fair, Windows has become less crash-prone in recent years, but the built-in security features on the latest Vista machines result in you pretty much having to click a 'Continue" button any time you want to make a desktop move.

Lastly, the relative newness of the Windows Vista operating system means there just isn't that much online support should you run into a problem. Based on user-friendliness alone, we'd recommend a Mac over a Windows-based PC.