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DoggySpace: Facebook for Dogs

DoggySpace: Social Networking for Dogs
To some this may seem ridiculous, but to those who have spent large swaths of time on MySpace keeping profiles for their beloved canine companions, DoggySpace makes perfect sense.

DoggySpace is exactly what you think it is, a social networking Web site just for dogs. As is the case with any good social networking site, DoggySpace allows users to create unique profiles for their animals to share pictures and videos in addition to making "friends."

DoggySpace may only have 700 currently registered users, but it is nevertheless part of a larger trend towards narrowly focused social networking sites. While general sites like Facebook and MySpace are servicing the younger crowds and generally replacing e-mail, other sites are popping up with singular focuses like nostalgia and alien encounters. A service called Ning even lets users create their own social networking sites to service small communities.

So while Facebook and MySpace try to become everything to everyone, it seems there exists another trend towards creating smaller, more specialized networks -- even David Hasselhoff is getting into it. What's next? Facebook for Pet Rocks? [Source: Newsvine]

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