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5 Questions To Ask Before You Buy GPS

GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation devices -- those talking screens with maps that give you real-time directions to wherever you're going (as you're going there) -- used to be the province of the well-to-do with high-end cars. But nowadays, real-time navigation technology is available for all budgets in all sorts of shapes, sizes and feature packages. So which type of GPS is for you? Should you spend a mere $2.99 to get directions on your cell phone or splurge up to $500 for a high-end portable? Are factory-installed navigation systems you get with a new car better than a standalone portable? Do you really need an MP3 player with your traffic directions? For answers to these questions and more, check out the five things to consider before you buy a GPS, which we've organized by the most commonly asked questions on the following pages (click below to get to tip number 1).

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