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U.S. Authorities Can Now Seize Laptops Arbitrarily, Indefinitely

U.S. Border Agents Given Power to Seize Laptops Arbitrarily, Indefinitely
Thinking about taking your laptop across the border for your next trip up north or down south? News hitting the wires today indicates that you might want to re-think that plan, unless you feel like being separated from your precious gadgets. According to Reuters, the Department of Homeland Security has given border agents the right to seize any piece of electronics equipment they feel like, even if they don't think you've done anything wrong, and they can keep your toys for as long as they like.

This rule extends to your cell phone, Kindle, MP3 player, or any other information storing device you've taken along for the trip (even paper!). Agents can also make copies of any (or all) of your data to share with any other Federal agency -- though they promise to delete it when they're through.

It was just over a month ago that everyone was up in arms about laptop searching at borders, and now this? We certainly hope that this particular infringement of our digital liberties won't last long for long. [Source: Reuters]

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