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Man Arrested for YouTube Baby Food Threat

Man Arrested for YouTube Baby Food ThreatHere's a piece of advice for would be terrorists and criminals: If you're going to threaten the lives of babies, perhaps you're better off not plastering your face all over YouTube. New York City resident Anton Dunn, who went by the name 'Trashman,' made that mistake when he decided to post videos on YouTube and other sites claiming that he had poisoned millions of containers of Gerber baby food. The videos were posted from April to July, according to Reuters.

Dunn claimed that, at his direction, employees of the company added cyanide to millions of jars of the baby food and that it was "too late" because they had already shipped to consumers. Gerber has yet to find any evidence that its baby food has been poisoned or tampered with in any way. The company is reassuring its customers that even though it is confident no poisoning has taken place, it is still taking the threat very seriously.

This is not the first time Trashman has attracted attention online. He has previously posted videos in which he claimed to have infected numerous woman with HIV, and claimed the FBI was on his payroll. Dunn faces charges of sending threats and falsely claiming to have tampered with a consumer product, both of which carry a maximum sentence of five years in prison. [Source: Reuters]

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