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'Scrabulous' Changes Name To 'Wordscraper'

Scrabulous, Facebook's Scrabble knock-off, is back after receiving, shall we say, a face-lift. Actually, it's more of a name change, but we couldn't resist.

The popular Facebook application was taken down after gaming manufacturer Hasbro, which owns the rights to Scrabble, made the astute observation that Scrabulous was a near exact copy of the original board game. In response, no one disagreed, and now there is yet another online word-based game to play.

The new game is called 'Wordscraper'. It has a different colored board, a few new rules and a new points system. You can also create custom boards, which means that you can fill up a board with triple word score tiles if you'd like. Basically, it's the same game with different bells and whistles. The subtle changes are probably enough to protect the creators from copyright infringement, or at least appease Hasbro.

Ok, now let's all move on shall we? [Source: Cnet]

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