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Comcast Illegally Interfered With Web Traffic, Per FCC Ruling


Three out of five FCC commissioners agree! Comcast acted illegally when it disrupted the transfer of specific digital video files.

Basically, Comcast slowed the transmission of files being shared by BitTorrent users. They say it was necessary to provide sufficient bandwidth for other customers. Unfortunately for Comcast, public interest groups and BitTorrent weren't buying it. Neither did the FCC.

The process of regulating users of heavy bandwidth is common, with some providers of wireless broadband prohibiting peer-to-peer file sharing altogether. The issue here, though, is lack of disclosure. The government doesn't want companies arbitrarily targeting high volume users, or any users for that matter.

It is unlikely that Comcast will end up being fined for this transgression, but it should set a precedent for the next company that tries to be sneaky.

That would be just fine with us. [Source: Washington Post]

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