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Army Designing Its Own 'World Of Warcraft' For Training


Video games are great at improving critical thinking and hand-eye coordination. Soon, they may also be utilized to mentally and strategically prepare the U.S. Army for combat on a grand scale.

According to DANGER ROOM, a senior Army game-designer wants to create a 'Massive Multiplayer Online Game' (MMOG) for training Army personnel. The game would run on a secure central server in the U.S. with access available to soldiers in various location throughout the world.

Dr. Roger Smith, the game's designer, had this to say: "Potentially an MMOG could be created which adheres to the physical and behavioral reality of the world and provides an 'always on' environment in which to execute training, something like 'World of Warcraft,' but focused on the military training customer."

At this point, the virtual world that Smith envisions is a long way off, but with Army funding behind it, we won't be surprised to see it sooner than even he thinks. [Source: Wired]

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