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Incriminating Online Pics Bad News for Defendants

Incriminating Facebook Pics Bad News for Defendants
We've already written about how some people are posting somewhat questionable pictures of themselves and their drunken antics to Facebook. Those pictures, while embarrassing, were mostly harmless. Today, however, we have a report on how some people are posting other pictures of their drinking habits social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace, pictures that are often resulting in extended jail sentences in trials where probation might have otherwise been an option.

There are many examples, like Lara Buys, who in 2006 was involved in a drunken driving crash that killed her passenger. She was due to be recommended for probation, but when pictures on her MySpace page surfaced of her drinking and partying after the crash, they were used to show her lack of repentance. She was sentenced to two years in jail. Joshua Lipton was involved in a crash that seriously injured a woman, and after that posted pictures of himself partying while dressed up as a prisoner. He too was sentenced to two years in jail.

There are many other tales like those, so be warned that if you're facing trial for some criminal misdeed that involves drinking, you might want to take this opportunity to remove those non-remorseful photos of yourself partying the night after you were released on bail -- and ask your friends nicely to do the same. [Source: CBS News]

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