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Top 11 E-Mail Scams

Scam #6: Gone Phishing

The Come-On

This scam usually comes in the form of an e-mail warning you that you need to update your bank (or PayPal) account for security purposes.

The Scam

The link in the e-mail takes you to what looks like your bank's real Web site, but is actually a rogue site designed to capture your login information. Once the criminals have this information, they can go and log into your actual account and begin siphoning money, information, and even try to use the same log-in information for your other accounts, as most people use the same password across various sites.

What You Can Do

Carol says: "Crooks have come up with some pretty ingenious ways of disguising themselves as a trusted institution or company in order to get consumers' personal information. The key to avoiding ID theft via being phished is to remember that YOU are in control of your personal data. Keep it secure, and don't give it to someone who prompts you to unless you're confident that they need it for legitimate purposes."