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Airplane Mechanic Causes $100M Damages After Pushing Wrong Button

Mechanic Pushes Button, Destroys Three Planes
Maybe this airline mechanic at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport was hopped on DayQuil earlier this week -- after all, "they" do say to take caution if operating heavy machinery. Whatever the cause, a mechanic at the Baton Rouge Metro Airport accidentally pressed a starter switch on a commuter airplane she was cleaning, which immediately sent the craft into full-fledged take-off mode -- right into two other planes inside the same hangar.

All three planes were destroyed, ultimately causing $100,000,000 in damages, not to mention nearly killing herself and 14 other workers, according to a report from Baton Rouge's WAFB-TV.

The entire incident took all of about five seconds according to witnesses, who are still dumbfounded as to how the whole hanger wasn't sent up in flames.

We all make mistakes, but we're pretty sure this woman will soon be out of a job. [Source: WAFB]

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