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6 Tips for Better Camera Phone Pics

We've noticed that when people take our photos on their camera phones, the results are usually kinda unflattering. Somehow the phones always seem to make us (and our friends) look squirrelly and out of it. Then these unfortunate pictures appear time and time again every time we or said friends call.

In the interest of being service-y, we scoured the Internet for advice on how to improve camera phone photography. Here are some of the best tips from the Digital Photography School.

1. Get A Little Bit Closer Now

Far off shots are one of the biggest faux pas in the camera phone world. Get as close to your subject as you possibly can without getting all up in his or her face, then take the picture. Avoid using the zoom at all costs. Most camera phones are still pretty low-res, so zooming in after the fact to crop your photos will reduce quality even more.

2. Lighting is Everything

Make sure there's enough light. Shooting outside in daylight is ideal. Indoors, try turning a bunch of lights on, but be aware that they might eff up your color balance.

3. Play with White Balance

Many phones have adjustable white balance (a feature that allows you to mess around with color balance in accord with the shooting conditions). Experimenting with white balance can provide your shots with richer hues, improved contrast, etc. More will be revealed in your instruction manual, if you can be bothered to read it.

4. Clean Your Lens, Son!

From spending time in purses, bags, and pockets, camera phones' lenses can get nasty. Sand, lipstick, lint, and fingerprints blight the lens from time to time. DPS suggests cleaning the lens with a sunglass cloth or something similar. We hear Oxypads are good for getting sand out of the phone and lens.

5. Go High-Res

Many phones allow you to change the resolution settings, much like a digital camera. If you can opt for better quality, your shots will be clearer, obvi. They will, however, take up more space on your phone and take longer to send.

6. Don't Perv on Your Neighbors

DPS reminds us that camera phones should be used responsibly. Secret crotch shots are frowned upon. If you're in high school, it's probably a bad idea to take compromising pictures of yourself, or let your boyfriend take them. They could easily end up forwarded to everyone on the phone book. But then, you already knew that... [Source: DPS]

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