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Dating Site Uses DNA Tests to Match Couples

Forget the questionnaires used by companies like eHarmony – it's time to bring serious chemistry into online dating. For $199, you provide with a swab of your saliva and they'll analyze your DNA to genetically set you up with a partner. Sounds pretty futuristic, right? Well, not exactly.

The Swiss company isn't looking for genes that control metabolism or your propensity for brunettes. Rather, they're looking for your human leukocyte antigen, or HLA, molecules, which play a role in the immune system. Researchers found that people are more attracted to those with the most different HLA molecules from themselves.

The research was conducted on existing couples and their genetic combinations, and the service is also available for pairs who want to see how compatible they are. So, will this be the new trend in dating, or will personality and physical attraction still win out? Either way, at least you know the people here aren't putting up profile pictures from a few dozen pounds ago. [Source: via TechCrunch]

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