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51 Places You're Not Supposed to See on Google Maps

Things You Can't See on Google Maps
Google Maps may be great for sightseeing in areas of the world to remote, dangerous, or expensive for you to visit, and even better for creepily checking in on the dwellings of friends and family, but there are a few places that have been taken off of the service.

Governments have had military installations removed, residents have had homes and entire towns cleared from the site, and sites of a sensitive nature (such as nuclear power stations) are missing for security reasons. Even some colleges such as MIT and SUNY Stonybrook are blurred out to obscure the location of research laboratories. There are some odd entries as well, such as the Playland Amusement Park in Rye, NY and the the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

All told, the site IT Security has found 51 separate instances of locations being removed from Google Maps and Google Earth. You'll find the full list after the break. [Source: IT Security]

Google Maps Censored

Government and Military Sites
1. The White House
2. The U.S. Capitol
3. Dick Cheney's House
4. Soesterberg Air Base, in the Netherlands
5. PAVE PAWS in Cape Cod, Mass.
6. Shatt-Al-Arab Hotel in Basra, Iraq
7. Leeuwarden, Netherlands
8. Reims Air Base in France
9. Novi Sad, Serbia
10. Kamp van Zeist
11. NATO C3 Agency: Located in Brussels, Belgium
12. New American Embassy Location
13. NATO Air Base Geilenkirchen
14. Ramstein Air Base in Germany
15. The Royal Stables in The Hague, Netherlands
16. Huis Ten Bosch Palace

Political Pushback on Google Earth and Google Maps' Street View

17. North Oaks, Minn.
18. The Boring Home
19. Bahrain
20. Europe
21. Singapore
22. Sudan
23. Iran
24. India
25. Sydney, Australia
26. Areas of Southeast Asia
27. Central/Eastern village of Yona, on the Pacific Island Territory of Guam
28. The city of Utrecht in the Netherlands
29. Fortress on Castell de Montjuïc in Barcelona, Spain

Nuclear Stations, Energy-Generation Sites and Reserves

30. Seabrook Station
31. UMass Lowell Nuclear Research Reactor
33. Hydroelectric Dams and Supporting Waterways Near Niagara Falls, N.Y.
34. McGuire Nuclear Station
35. Perry Nuclear Generating Station
36. Oconee Nuclear Station in Seneca, S.C.
37. Oil-Tank Farm in Braintree, Mass.
38. Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant
39. Liquid Natural Gas Terminal in Chelsea, Mass. and a Large Portion of an Industrial Port Area in Boston
40. Marshall Steam Station in Terrell, N.C.

Colleges and Research Labs

41. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory
42. General Electric World Research Laboratories and General Electric Main Plant in Schenectady, N.Y.
43. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory
44. Stony Brook University
45. Manhattanville College's Dammann and Tenney Dormitories
46. Noordwijk Aan Zee
47. HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) Antenna Array on the Alaska/Yukon Border
48. White Plains Train Station
49. William Hurt's Home
50. Playland Amusement Park in Rye, N.Y.
51. Saint Louis School in Honolulu

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