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Ordinary Windows Collect Energy with New Solar Coating

Windows that collect solar energy while still allowing a clear view from inside? While it may sound like madness and poppycock, it's actually yet another invention from those ingenious minds at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Researchers at MIT have figured out how to transform normal windows into solar power-collecting super-panels.

According to an article in last Friday's 'Science' (an international science journal), here is how it's done: First, the windows are coated with special materials. These chemicals range in color from the very bright to the near-transparent, and this special coating absorbs light and re-emits the energy into the glass. Solar collectors surround the edge of the window and collect the energy conducted by the glass.

The chemicals utilized in the process are relatively inexpensive, making the whole concept that much more brilliant. Apparently, these will be ready in 3-5 years, which we hope is true, given the shocking and depressing increase in our energy bills of late. Let's make some good use of that global warming, already! [Source: USA Today]

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