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Rubber Band Trick for Smooth Camcorder Operation

In what may be the single most useful free tip for budding and/or professional videographers ever to make its way onto the sprawling mass of collective consciousness known as "l'internet" (that's French), StumbleUpon is hosting a video that shows you how to get smooth pans out of your cheap tripod for the price of a free rubber band.

Essentially, the elastic of the rubber band (the thick kind, like old men wear on their wrists) serves as a gyro of sorts, bringing your pan the smoothness that even the steadiest hands lack. Even if you don't have any videographical aspirations, we recommend a watch just in case you're ever asked to be a makeshift cameraman on someone's home video.

Oh, and FYI: a good Steadicam will set you back roughly $800 more than said rubber band. [Source: StumbleUpon]

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