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Iran 'Modifies' Pictures of Missile Test

Iran Photoshops Pictures of Missile Test
The Iranian government just grows more desperate to prove that it's tough and more afraid of failure with every day that passes. Need proof? Just look at the photo above. Anything seem a little off? Now look at the picture below. See the difference?

Initial photos of the Iranian missile test showed only three of the four missile launching. The fourth was still on its launch vehicle, and apparently a dud. But images circulated later by the government and the official state run news paper showed all four missiles in flight. The new image also has the tell tale signs of a bad Photoshop job. The new missile is clearly copy-and-pasted from its neighbor to the left and the bottom of the plume of smoke is just off some how. But the biggest give away is the new slightly bluer sky that surrounds the once failed missile, cutting through the haze in the sky.
Iran Photoshops Pictures of Missile Test
Look for yourselves, but we think this one is pretty obvious. [Source: The Telegraph]

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