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The 10 Most Stubborn People in Tech

Inspiration for a good business idea can strike anytime, but only a lucky few will ever see their brainchild become a smashing success. Even fewer have the guts to hold on to their idea in the face of skepticism and adversity while resisting change from outside forces. We took a closer look at some of the most successful tech businesses, and the figures behind them, that have stayed true to their original goals or persevered when it looked like they would fail. You'll either be motivated to pursue your own ideas or curse these guys for making it seem so easy.

Steve Jobs
For a while, it seemed that Microsoft would always be the top dog in technology. Nowadays, Apple is the hip brand that consumers flock to, mainly due to founder and CEO Steve Jobs' determination to come up with innovative and attractive products while Microsoft keeps churning out new versions of Windows. When Jobs took over Apple again in 1996, the company had suffered great financial losses but things began to turn around with the debut of the first iMac in 1998. Since then, the realm of online music has been particularly good for Jobs - when it seemed nobody would pay for songs again, iTunes succeeded, and the iPod crushed Microsoft's Zune. In addition to the jabs from the Mac versus PC ads, Jobs' quest for domination is evident in children's movies.

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