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Are GPS Devices Making Us Stupid, Too?

Are GPS Devices Making Us Stupid, Too?Last month, we reported on a story about some computer users' fears of Internet access making us increasingly stupid. We're not sure that we necessarily agree with that idea, and we certainly aren't feeling the latest Luddite-tastic claim that GPS-enabled devices are going to make us forget how to get home.

The idea is that people are becoming increasingly reliant on gadgets that tell us how to get from point A to point B, especially with the falling prices of these devices. Apparently, when everyone has one, people will just forget how to get anywhere without them, thus crippling society. We can definitely see that being the case for some inherently directionally-challenged people, but street maps have been around forever, and you don't see too many folks unable to make their morning commutes without consulting one.

It's not unlike the argument that the popularity of cell phones has made us all forget phone numbers -- wait, that one turns out to be pretty spot on!

Regardless, we suggest that you GPS yourself to faraway places without fear readers -- but it might not be a bad idea to turn the thing off every now and again when you're just heading to the corner store. [Source: ABC News]

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