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New Fall TV Shows Already Leaked Online

New Fall TV Shows Leaked
Usually it's the RIAA that has to worry about advanced copies of albums leaking out. This year, TV stations have been hit hard by file sharers, who have managed to get their hands on a number of TV shows that aren't set to premier until this fall. Of course, the studios aren't happy about it, and some of the shows were never meant to see the light of day. Take, for instance, the ABC remake of 'Life on Mars,' a UK crime drama. The pilot was filmed in Los Angeles, but then scrapped and the entire production was moved and re-shot in New York. The L.A. version of the pilot still made its way online, however, to less than stellar reviews.

One thing the leak has done is confirm our assumption that there is nothing new coming down the pipe that we need to be planted in front of the TV for. Go take up Yoga, join a Muy Thai class, watch the leaves change color. Just please, please, please don't waste your autumn sitting in front of TNT's pun-tastically titled legal drama, 'Raising the Bar.' [Source: NewTeeVee]

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