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Prince Sues Devoted Norwegian Fans Who Made Cover Album

On June 7th, the artist and sex symbol formerly known as Prince officially turned 50 and apparently someone brought hime the wrong gift. It was a copy of a new five-disc Prince tribute album, which consists of 81 cover songs by Norwegian musicians of every genre including that country's National Symphony Orchestra.

Soon after receiving
"Shockadelica-50th Anniversary Tribute to The Artist Known As Prince," the Artist sued C+C Records, the Norwegian music label that put the tribute together. The suit demanded that all copies of the album -- which has been critically acclaimed and peaked at no. 8 on the Norwegian charts -- be destroyed. The label's owner, Christer Falck, is also a well known television actor and a huge Prince fan. Since no one was paid for their participation, Falck didn't think he owed Prince anything more than a free copy of the disc. Especially since the description on the label's Web site features this loving statement:

"This is more than just a Prince-tribute album. This is actually EVERYTHING the Norwegian musical scene has to offer 2008. All is made with love to the world's greatest artist ever, Prince."

Actually, Falck shouldn't be surprised that he was sued, as this isn't the first time Prince has censured his fans. In 2007, he gave legal notice to YouTube, eBay and The Pirate Bay to take down all of his copyrighted content. Then, last October, Prince's record company, Universal, demanded that YouTube remove this home video of a toddler dancing to a barely audible clip of "Lets Go Crazy." Even this past spring, Prince demanded that YouTube remove a fan-recorded video of his cover of Radiohead's "Creep" at Coachella.

The C+C Records page and the "Shockadelica" MySpace page have free samples of the limited edition album. It's sure to be a collectors item. [Source: Wired]

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