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Nintendo Ranked Least 'Green' Tech Company

Proving once again that it's always the smiley-faced, rosey-cheeked cherub that has the human skeletons in its closet, sunshine-and-rainbow-drenched video game purveyor Nintendo has come in dead last in a ranking of the world's most eco-friendly electronics companies.

The quarterly "Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics" ranks 18 electronics firms by how green their production processes and products are ... and the big N pulled up the rear at number 18.

Of course, Nintendo had its own response, claiming that it scored low because it had not provided data for the survey. "Greenpeace chose to conduct a survey and produce a report, which graded companies upon the voluntary submission of information," the firm said in a statement. "Nintendo decided not to take part in the survey and were therefore 'ungraded' in the resulting report." Which of course begs the question: Why didn't the company take part?

Oh, and pipe down over there in the corner, Xbox fanboys -- Microsoft came in at 17, a position that reflected its "low score on climate criteria". [Source: BBC]

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