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Al Qaeda's Web-Based War Is Up and Running Fast

Al Qaeda's Web Based War

Want to know just how plugged in al-Queda is? Read the article in the Washington Post, which details the various online activities of the terrorist group.

For example, back in December, al-Qaeda launched a question and answers forum where high-ranking, and wanted, members of the organization post videos responding to questions and complaints posted by visitors including supporters, detractors, and even journalists. Every three to four days a new video or audio clip is posted by as-Sahab, the terrorist network's propaganda wing. The number of videos produced by the communications group has grown exponentially, from only a half dozen in 2002, to 98 videos in 2007.

The videos take various forms, from simple monologues in front of the camera to full fledged, high production value, documentary films. The videos are offered not only as streams online, but as videos specially formated for cell phones and iPods, making their extremism easily portable.

According to the article, the level of sophistication has caught law enforcement agencies like the FBI and Scotland Yard completely off guard, and has proven to be quite an embarrassment. As one unnamed foreign diplomat told Defense Secretary Robert Gates, "How has one man in a cave managed to outcommunicate the world's greatest communication society?"

Okay, Gates -- thanks for relaying the anonymous, quotable quote, but get us up to speed, will ya? [Source: Washington Post]

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