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London Eco-Club to Get Its Power From Dancers on the Dancefloor

The Sustainable Dance Club (SDC), based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, made a big splash last year when it announced that it would be building an eco-friendly dance club, which would use a specially constructed dance floor that generated electricity when people danced on it. It's a year later, however, and the SDC is only now announcing that its green club, called Watt, will open in September. It took a feisty millionaire in England partnering with the organization to get the first eco-friendly, dancer-powered club off the ground, a month earlier than the group's home town project back in Holland.

The new club in the King's Cross area of London, England, is being funded by Andrew Charalambous, a millionaire property owner, and his organization Club4Climate, which specializes in green twists on recreation. The bar will serve organic booze and features a water recycling system. And here's a new twist to the whole "getting in for free" idea: Watt will waive the admission fee to anyone who can prove they walked, biked, or took public transportation to get there (will it have bike racks, we wonder?)

The centerpiece of the discogtheque, however, is the dance floor -- a spring-loaded platform that generates electricity as the crowd dances on top of it, compressing crystals and generating current through what is known as the piezo-electric effect, the same phenomena used in push-button lighters and grills. [Source: Sustainable Dance Club, via Daily Mail]

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