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Tardy Traveler Calls In Bomb Threat So He Can Catch His Flight

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and phoning in a bomb threat is certainly desperate enough if you're late for a flight. But be careful about leaving tracks. Read on, crimestoppers...

If you're into soccer – we mean really into soccer – then nothing will stop you from attending an important match. So take, for example, this German reporter, who was tasked with covering the European soccer championship and was late for his flight from Verona, Italy, to Vienna, Austria. What to do, what to do?

The options:
  • Print your ticket from home and go straight to the gate (great time saver).
  • Call the airline and book a later flight (responsible, yes, but you could miss your deadline).
  • Phone in a bomb threat from your mobile phone while en route to the airport (only for a man of action!).
Yes! You guessed it! Option number three wins out!

But wait! When desperate times and desperate measures are in play, it's important to keep your wits about you, and this is where the reporter lost his.

Upon arriving at the airport, he asked about his flight being delayed, even though no public announcement had been made, which made him prime suspect numero uno with the authorities and he was subsequently arrested. How did they know for sure it was him? Why, he left his digital tracks, of course.

A check of his mobile phone's call log revealed he was the source of the threatening call. [Source: Metro via]

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