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Naked Photos Shared Via Cell Phones Land Teens In Hot Water

A spur-of-the-moment decision mixed with a lapse in judgment, plus a dose of modern technology, is landing a lot of teens in hot water. No, this is not the heartwarming tale of some 15-year-old kid engaging in the time-honored tradition of trying to get an adult to buy beer from the local convenience store. This is about the much less honorable practice of snapping some nude photos, sharing them via cell phone with a boyfriend or girlfriend, and then (lo and behold) finding those pictures shared with just about everyone across the Web.

But just as buying alcohol underage is illegal, so is sending photos of a naked teen across cell phones and Web pages, which has led to some teens facing charges of child pornography, sexual exploitation of a child, and defamation. Big words that carry serious implications for actions taken basically on a lark, you might say.

Psychologists say the decision to snap racy shots with a cell phone and then share them is the result of simple, and typical, poor judgment among teens. Today, these poor judgement calls can lead to a very public exposure because of the photo-sharing capabilities of cell phones and social networking sites like MySpace. Cases are cropping up all across the country, from Colorado to Alabama. Sometimes, the photos are shared by an upset ex-boyfriend, and other times, it just seems the kids want to expose themselves. As one of them puts it: "If you look at people's MySpace, all the pictures are slutty." (Editor's note: All our MySpace photos are perfectly demure.)

And lest you think this is just about young girls allowing themselves to be exploited, it seems boys are also known to take some candid shots of themselves.

The solution to this revealing problem? Awareness by both teens and the parents. Of course, the parents could take away their kids' cell phones – but then we may be reading about revolution instead. [Source: CNN]

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