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Apple Replaces .Mac with MobileMe

We thought a re-branding of .Mac at today's WWDC event was a pretty long shot, but color us surprised when MobileMe, the flashy new replacement for .Mac, was announced. MobileMe does many of the things that .Mac lets you do -- store photos, contacts, etc. in the "cloud" (on the Internet) -- yet MobileMe adds much more, including push e-mail and PC (Outlook) compatibility. Here are the services main features:

Improved compatibility: MobileMe will let you keep your iPod Touch, iPhone, PC and Mac (if you really must own all four) synchronized.

Sync all your devices and accounts: Apple is touting MobileMe as Exchange (Microsoft's ubiquitous, but mostly business-oriented, e-mail and calendaring server platform) for the rest of us, and includes push e-mail, push contacts, and push calendar, which automatically "push" any changes or messages to all your devices in real time for near instant updates (like BlackBerry).

Store images, music, and more: MobileMe also offers (at least) 20 gigabytes of online storage for any type of file you can imagine and for photo galleries.

All of these features are accessible online via a slick suite of Web applications, and they sync with with desktop apps, such as and iCal. .Mac users will automatically be upgraded to MobileMe when it launches in early July alongside the iPhone 2.0 software update. Unfortunately, the service will start at $99 a year, which is still a little pricey for our blood.

Death to .Mac! Long live MobileMe! [Sources: Apple and Engadget]

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