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Rumor Mill: What Apple Might Announce on Monday

Rumor Mill: What Apple Might Announce on Monday
On Monday Apple will host its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, where rumors are circulating that Apple will announce anything from the new 3G iPhone to a Steve-Jobs-manned mission to Mars. But what can you actually expect to come out of those few days in San Francisco? Here are the four announcements we think Mr. Jobs is most likely to make during his keynote Monday morning.

3G iPhone

This one is sort of a no-brainer. We know the release of this faster, upgraded iPhone is right around the corner -- the only question left is how soon can we get our grubby mitts on it. Rumors have circulated that it will be available worldwide on day one, but we wouldn't count on that. The FCC and other regulatory bodies have yet to see the new phone (if they had, we would know about it), so we figure you probably won't be able to purchase one for about a month, but we do think they're coming sooner rather than later.

iTunes App Store
When Apple announced the iPhone SDK, it also announced it would provide a central market place for the purchase of applications for your iPhone (games, instant-messaging software, etc). The App Store icon is in place, developers have started creating products -- all that is missing is the actual store itself. Don't be surprised when it goes live Monday afternoon.

OS X 10.5.4
Didn't Apple just release an update to its OS X operating system? Sure, but the secretive company wouldn't want to let any potential details about its new 3G iPhone slip with something as innocuous as small operating system update. So expect yet another round of bug fixes and drivers for those shiny new iPhones.

.Mac relaunch
This one is a bit more of a long shot. The .Mac service has been floudering for years. Apple has added new funtionality and kept it useful, but for the features the price is simply too high, and the inteface a bit dated. The rumor mill is suggesting that the .Mac will get rebranded and relaunched with the help of the other tech company du jour - Google.

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