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Atheist Video Game Asks Players to Slaughter Biblical Figures

Murder Religious Figures in New Atheist Game
One way to make sure you land yourself on a religious fanatic's hit list is to their religious sensibilities. And if you're worried that offending wouldn't put you in enough mortal danger you can try murdering their religious figures... virtually.

According to a report from WSLS TV in Roanoke, VIrginia, an anonymous graduate student from the University of Virginia has created a video game in which players are asked to slaughter characters from the Bible and the Koran in order to prevent the spread of organized religion. It's an equal opportunity kill-fest between Christian and Muslim religious figures, but in one particularly offensive move, players are even asked to behead the Prophet Mohammad to win the game. Needless to say, this anonymous student is either ballsy or stupid, especially considering that, in recent years, death threats were sent to a Swedish cartoonist and a Danish newspaper for unflattering drawings of the Islamic faith's biggest prophet.

The student says that he is merely trying to give voice to atheists in a world filled with religious soapboxes. He says that the violent nature is a reflection of the world around us, but we can't help but feel his message might be taken a little more seriously and be a little easier to swallow if he didn't go out of his way to offend 75 percent of the world's population. [Source: WSLS, via KUTV]

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