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American Idol's Blake Lewis Wants His iPod to Do Unspeakable Things

American Idol Blake Lewis on Gadgets

Hey, remember Season 6 of 'American Idol'? Remember that guy, what's-his-name, the hot one that did beatboxing and almost won but then didn't? Well, he didn't need your deciding votes! Runner-up Blake Lewis is doing just fine, thank you – after being ranked 21st-hottest on AOL's 21 sexiest single men list last July (aw, that's kinda sad actually), he cut an album with Arista records, and Lupe Fiasco was on it!

May 13th marked the release of his latest endeavor, a remix EP for the hit single "How Many Words." Even though he's rolling with big name producers and DJs like BT, DJ Dan, and Britney collaborator Dave Aude, he still found time to tell Switched about his sex, um, we mean, tech life. Read on to find out more, but Blake, you're a winner in our book!

What gadgets do you always bring with you to the set?

Computer, Phone, Camera.

What cell phone do you have right now and what do you love/hate about it?

Love it all except for text messaging...

Who's the last person you sent a text message to and what was it about?

The artist and my friend BT - it was about my shoes

Where do you go (site or service) pretty much every time you get online?

MySpace because I run and operate [my profile page] cuz I like talking to my fans. I also go to and

What annoys you most about your iPod, cell phone, or laptop (or any other gadget)?

Dropped calls on the phone

Name one thing you wish your iPod/cellphone/laptop (any gadget) could do that it doesn't do now?

Make me breakfast in the morning, give me a massage when I am stressed, give me a reach around... just kidding

What upcoming gadget can you not wait to get your hands on?

An updated version of the iPhone

You're stranded on a desert island: What gadget do you bring?

Hopefully a gadget that can get me off the desert island... :)

What's the most-played song or artist on your iPod?

Edit - 'Certified Air Raid Material'

BlackBerry, Sidekick, or Treo?

Neither, iPhone

What's the longest time you've ever spent playing a video game in one sitting and what game was it?

Eight hours of 'Gran Turismo' on PlayStation

Mac or PC?

Mac, I am a musician baby....

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