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Man Arrested for Drunk Driving a Motorized Cooler

Man Arrested for Driving a Cooler While Drunk
Here's a piece of advice for our readers: Don't get behind the wheel or handlebars of anything motorized if you're intoxicated, whether it's a car, a scooter, Power Wheel, or even a cooler. It's dangerous, and most likely illegal.

Leslie J. "Bomber" Marr learned this the hard way when he was arrested on Memorial Day in Whitehall, NY and charged with DWI and aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle after police saw him swerving around the streets and driving on the sidewalk... on a cooler. Marr was driving around town on a Cruizin Cooler, which puts a seat on top of a three-wheeled cooler and attaches an electric motor similar to those found on electric scooters. It even has a hatch so you can pull out a icy cold drink while driving. The hatch also has a cup/can holder on top, suggesting that this sort of activity is exactly what the designers had in mind.

Under state law, the cooler is still considered a motor vehicle so sobriety is a must, and a license is highly recommended. [Source: Post Star]

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