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PlayStation 3 Draws More Power Than a Refrigerator

PS3 Power Draws More Power than a RefrigeratorWe've known for awhile now that the PlayStation 3 (PS3) is hardly a green machine -- it sucks down 200-watts of electricity whether it's playing a movie or just idling at the home menu waiting for you to boot up a game. Sometimes, though, it's hard to put that into context. An Australian consumer group has taken the time to do a little figuring against various other household items, and has found that your PS3 draws more current than an average refrigerator -- five times as much.

Of course, the PS3 is making waves as being one of the cheapest Blu-ray players on the market, not to mention the huge added benefit of being able to play next-generation video games. But that 200-watts power draw is also four- to five-times that of a standalone Blu-ray player, which over the course of a year could add up if you watch a lot of movies. Microsoft's Xbox 360 is slightly better with a power consumption at about about three quarters of the PS3, but Nintendo's Wii comes in first by drawing only a tenth of the power of a PS3.

So, not only can the Wii get you in shape, it can also save you money on your utilities bill. [Source: Intology]

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