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Oprah Does Skype Video Calls

Oprah Does Skype Video Calls
The eBay-owned VOIP service Skype is sponsoring a weekly segment on called 'A New Earth,' in which the talk show legend and Eckhart Tolle will answer questions about Tolle's new book, 'A New Earth: Get Ready To Be Awakened.'

The 10 weekly segments will be aired live online and will focus on a different chapter from the book each week. Those with Skype accounts, reasonably powerful PCs (read Dual Core), and a high resolution webcam from Logitech will be able to ask questions and interact with the world's favorite talk show host via Skype's new high quality video calling service.

No doubt the folks at Skype are hoping this will bring renewed interest to the now floundering former king of the VOIP world.

From Laptop Magazine

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