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2009 Ford Truck Models Add In-Dash Computers, Wireless Keyboards

Ford unveiled some pretty technologically-savvy trucks at the Chicago Auto Show for its 2009 model line.

Featuring voice-activated Microsoft Sync technology integration, the F series will be a contractor's dream: A six and a half inch touch screen display, Bluetooth-connected wireless printer and keyboard, Sprint Mobile Broadband connectivity, an integrated Garmin GPS unit, and Radio Frequency Identificatio(RFID) tool-link system to keep track of the whereabouts of your prized tools.

The Ford Work Solutions upgrade is designed with the large construction company in mind, since the RFID asset management system easily streamlines on-site inventory. Ford partnered with ThingMagic, an RFID developer, and DEWALT, one of the major power tool producers, in order to provide an easy installment of the RFID tags onto existing equipment that can then be seamlessly tracked by the built-in RFID tracking antenna in the truck (thus eliminating the sticky-finger effect of day-workers).

Ford Work Solutions will be available this fall on the 2009 F-150, F-Series Super Duty, and E-Series vans.

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