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Baseball Scores Without the Internet or TV on a Small Device

Ambient Scorecast Brings You Baseball Scores Without the Internet or TV
We're a society obsessed with information. We're constantly connected through instant messaging, e-mail, text messaging, Blackberries, we even have Internet access on our cell phones. As great as all these things are at making sure we have a world of knowledge at our fingertips 24/7, they still require us to turn on our devices and find the information we seek. Its never just there ... waiting for us. Sometimes, we just want the score without turning on the TV, getting on the computer, or flipping open our cell phone.

A new generation of electronics is putting information at your disposal any time, all the time. One of the pioneers of this category of device is Ambient Devices, a company that was created to bring technologies developed at MIT's Media Lab to the masses.

At CES, Ambient Devices showed off its new Ambient Baseball Scorecast device. The Scorecast pulls in scores, standings, and schedules over a proprietary network (no Internet or cell access required). Just pop in 4 AA batteries (which should last an entire season according to Ambient) and it will pull in scores immediately. No subscription fee, no Wi-Fi, nothing. And the Scorecast is always up to date. Updates are pushed out to the devices every half inning, so you can check in throughout the night without turning on the TV or walking away from a meal on the stove.

The Ambient Baseball Scorecast will be landing in retail outlets across the country in April for $124.99

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