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Virgin America Details In-Flight Internet

Virgin America In-Flight Internet Details

When Richard Branson rolled out the Virgin America airline in August, he promised us in-flight Internet -- though left out the how and when. While the latter is still a mysterious "sometime in 2008," the how will be dealt with through a newly announced partnership with a company called AirCell. AirCell will provide air-to-ground broadband Wi-Fi access to Virgin's fleet, allowing passengers to access the Internet through Virgin's seatback entertainment center or via their own Wi-Fi enabled laptops, smart phones, PDAs or new iPod Touches. In addition to Web access, the seatback system will provide e-mail access and chat through AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN and Google Talk.

But, that's not all. The seatback system also supports Skype, as will passengers' own laptops and BlackBerrys. Despite an FCC ban on in-flight cell phone calls, this definitely opens the door to in-flight voice chatting. The horror....the horror...

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